Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Brunch Of The Week: BYOB! BYOB! BYOB!

We’ve all been there. Sunday brunch with friends starts off civilized, then gets a little crazy as the Mimosas keep coming. Before you know it, you’re calling an Uber home while trying to figure out how eggs, OJ and cheap champagne ended up costing $125. Well, this weekend you can avoid the overpriced brunch and dive into some of the […]

Laugh, Laugh & Laugh Some More

We wouldn’t have gotten through 2020 without laughter. Lots and lots of it. So we figure that’s a pretty solid way to inaugurate 2021. The mathematical possibility of having an overload of chuckles, chortles, guffaws and giggles increases exponentially at Fifty First Jokes, a night of comedy from Stomping Ground Comedy Theater & Training Center. The concept’s simple: Gather 50 […]