Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Something Wicked This Way Comes

Autumn is officially in the air. But that doesn’t mean it can’t smell like summer inside your house. Get out the matches and light the wick for a new collection of candles from Dirty Bartender. It’s a collaboration between the candlemakers and DIFFA/Dallas, which comes at a great time since we all really missed having the annual House of DIFFA […]

Like A Prayer

When Etsy’s good, it’s really, really good. And when it’s bad, well, we’ve all seen the results of crafting gone wrong. But right now we’re all about pop culture gay candles. Here are our five favorite (and gayest) candles for setting up the most fabulous shrines ever. The Golden Girls If we had to pick just one, it’d be Blanche, […]

Smells Like Love

Cupid just popped out of his hole in the ground and saw his shadow. That means two more weeks of Valentine’s Day propaganda. Because, let’s face it: Whether you’re madly in love or in between boyfriends for the 477th time, all the V-Day hype is a little overwhelming. And more than a little cloying. So in grand ironic fashion, what […]