Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Like What You CBD In The Mirror?

Growing up in the Nancy Reagan Just Say No era, we were scared of anything related to cannabis. After all, who wanted a fried egg for a brain? These days, not only have we learned to never listen to anything a Republican First Lady has to say, we’ve come around to understand and enjoy the benefits of all things marijuana, […]

Delta Dawning

Burke. Air Lines. Variant. When it comes to Deltas, we love some way more than others. But now, we’ve discovered the one we love most of all. If you haven’t already heard of Delta-8 THC, now’s a good time to acquaint yourself with the totally legal cannabis derivative. What the world knows as weed, pot, Great Green Mary Jane Happy […]

Yes We Cannabis!

Are you a hempie like us? If something’s derived from cannabis, we can pretty much guarantee we’re going to like it. (Some things more than others.) And if said hemp-based product helps the LGBTQ community, even better. There’s a new collection of Pride products from Dallas-based Hempz and it’s fantastic. For the first time ever, the company has partnered with […]