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Thirsty For A Summer Three-Way: A Trio Of Sips (& Sucks)

Well, well, well. Another Memorial Day Weekend has rolled around and we’re so ready for warm-weather vacation season. Even though it’s not officially summer yet, the three-day weekend kicks off the summer season for most of us. That means an extra day for brunching, an extra day to sleep in and an extra day to drink frosty beverages! As you […]

A Stiff One At The Spa

When we write about canned cocktails, (which we realize we’ve done a lot lately, but so many good ones keep getting released!) we’re typically touting the fact that they’re low-calorie and low-alcohol. But what about those times when you want something to really booze you up while still being low-cal? That’s where Spa Girl Cocktails come in. Like so many […]

How To Make Your Cooler Cooler

The only thing we enjoy more than a pair of pricks is a prickly pair.  Oops, prickly pear.  Add booze into the equation and you might not see us again until winter. Of course, by now you know where this whole setup is heading. Texas-based Lone River Ranch Water recently added a new flavor (Prickly Pear) to their lineup that […]

Wise Choice

At least this summer, we will be able to drink with our vaxxed friends in the pool. And unlike last year when we had to toast to imaginary buddies a la Wilson in Castaway, we finally have several genuine reasons to celebrate, too. So while you’re in the everything-but-beer canned booze aisle in the grocery store this week, keep an […]

Yes, We Canned!

We’ve been drinking so many canned boozy beverages this summer, we sure hope aluminum poisoning isn’t a thing. (Hmmm, maybe we should be more worried about liver failure.) The latest canned booze selection in our poolside ice chest comes from Ranch Rider Spirits out of Austin. Currently, they offer a trio of refreshing, perfect-for-summer sips made with nothing but premium […]