Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Car Wash

Got Some Funk On Your Trunk?

Other than two road trips within the past five months, we’ve only purchased three tanks of gas for our car. Total. Because we’re still not driving much, our car’s beginning to feel a little neglected. And beginning to look a whole lot dirty. Another side effect of not getting out on the town as often is only seeing occasional eye […]

Dirty, Dirty, Dirty.

Third in line of things we hate to do, behind lawn work and cleaning toilets, is washing our car. Sure, there are lots of things we like to do that get us wet and soapy, but this isn’t one of them. And we don’t have a sugardaddy to pay for us to get our car detailed every week. So we’ll […]

Attention To Detailing

Groceries. Spray-Tanning. “Legitimate” massage services. These days, we like to have everything delivered to (or performed at) our house. And now, our list includes at-home auto detailing. Say howdy to 103 Auto Detailing, a Dallas-based service whose owner has over 20 years experience in giving cars the ol’ shiny-tire, conditioned leather, glistening window treatment. For now, it’s a one-woman show, […]