Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Attention To Detailing

Groceries. Spray-Tanning. “Legitimate” massage services. These days, we like to have everything delivered to (or performed at) our house. And now, our list includes at-home auto detailing. Say howdy to 103 Auto Detailing, a Dallas-based service whose owner has over 20 years experience in giving cars the ol’ shiny-tire, conditioned leather, glistening window treatment. For now, it’s a one-woman show, […]

Freedom Of Speech (And Music)

If there’d been cell phones back in the 1940s, Miss Daisy would’ve probably been driven off a cliff by one very distracted chauffeur. Because as we all know, our hands should be firmly grasped onto the steering wheel while driving. Not drinking a Big Gulp, using an electric shaver or checking into Facebook from our phone. There are already enough […]