Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cassie Nova

Onesie Singular Sensation (x2)

Break out your favorite onesie (or head to Amazon for some of the most wonderfully ugly ones imaginable) because you’re going to get a lot of mileage out of it this weekend. First up, the second annual Onesie Bar Crawl taking place in the gayborhood. Participating bars include Station 4 (S4), The Rose Room, Round-Up Saloon, Dallas Woody’s, Sue Ellen’s, […]

The Night Dallas Drag Queens Go To The Opera

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 69 times. (Because 69’s our favorite number, of course.) The Rose Room dazzles as one of the best drag venues in the nation, if not the world. And now, the queens of the Rose Room and their fearless leader, Cassie Nova, are heading to an even bigger, better, more beautiful stage—at the […]

The Stars At Night Are Big & Bright

Deep in the heart of Station 4 inside the Rose Room, the Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund (GDMAF) presents Night of Stars. The annual LifeWalk Team Metro fundraiser welcomes the gorgeous and talented A’Keria C. Davenport from the RuPaul’s Drag Race runway to our own local drag stage for a lip-syncing, eleganza extravaganza—for a great cause. Hosted by the hilarious […]

The Rose Roam

If you ever want to get our attention, highlight the fact that a movie’s R-rated, a TV show contains nudity, or that children aren’t allowed (whatever the occasion). So when TITAS/Dance Unbound launched its new initiative with the tagline, “If you’re easily offended, don’t come,” we clicked on the Buy Tickets button sight unseen. Those precious six words might as […]

O Come, All Ye Freafkul

O come ye, o come ye! Not only are these lyrics from one of the most famous carols of 1841, it’s also what we scream in bed to guys during the holiday season. And speaking of inappropriate traditions, Cassie Nova returns Monday night to JR’s for her world-famous Holiday Freakmas show. Proceeds from the night of entertainment benefit the Secret […]

Out Of This Gay World

Category is…Futuristic Eleganza Extrvaganza! No, it’s not a repeat of Episode 4 of the current 10th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s this weekend’s 2018 Miss PSSA, onstage at The Rose Room at S4. That’s right, gay sports league Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association‘s annual pageant has a (Kevinless) spacey theme that we can’t wait to experience. Hosted by Cassie Nova, the fierce competition […]

Four Queens Beat Being Straight

We’re not much into gambling, but we definitely know that in poker four queens are tough to beat. Same holds true at The Rose Room this Sunday, except this is one instance where four queens equal a full house. Hosted by the ever-sassy Cassie Nova, Icon The Show features the tremendous drag talents of Tasha Kohl, Dee Ranged and Onyx Anderson. Unlike […]

We Wish You A Merry Cassmas!

For many people, the holidays season officially starts when Santa makes an appearance at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For us, it’s Cassie Nova’s holiday extravaganza. Join us and fellow Cassmates tonight for a holiday drag spectacular, Cassie’s Freakmas 2017, benefiting the Sam Houston Secret Santa Program. You may be used to seeing her talent, beauty and […]

Turnabout Is Fun Play

The only thing we like better than drag is amateur drag. There’s something so raw and exciting that makes it not just fun, but slightly dangerous. Plus, there are always those performers who surprise the crap out of us with their talent. Or how great they look in wigs and dresses. See if any of those scenarios come true Monday […]

Fit For A King

In the world of drag (or gender illusion if you prefer that term), queens typically reign supreme with appearances somewhere in the city every night of the year. Drag kings, on the other less press-on nailed hand, are more like groundhogs. They pop out rarely, but when they do, it’s a major event. Tonight, the kings take over as the […]