Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Catholic Church

Abortion, Apology & Apocalypse

I have been steeped in study of the book of Revelation and have come to the conclusion that signs of the end times are all around us. Prayerfully consider these things, Brothers and Sisters. Abortion: A huge loss for the Christian Army. Brother Roberts and the Supremes have invoked the wrath of all things Christian by striking down the restrictive abortion […]

She’s Having Nun Of It

Anyone who’s been to our house knows our obsession with nuns. From our cast-iron nun bottle openers to our wind-up fire-breathing Nunzilla, let’s just say our irreverent fondness would get us slapped on the wrist with a ruler. So when we received a copy of a story about a sister discovering that she was actually gay, we knew we had […]