Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Crossing The Line

Ever since the election of that misshapen humanoid queef to the Oval Office, we’ve tried to surround ourselves with a Disney-sized dose of positivity. (Which can be a great thing when you’re running late and our flock of cartoon birds helps tie our shoes.) So a show like The Red Line presents quite a challenge for us. From gay producer […]

These Gays Get Racy

There’s only one Matt we’d rather jump on than the Bomer variety. And that’s the mat at the finish line of The Amazing Race. Season after season, we’re in awe of how the producers continue to keep turning out fresh, fun, adrenaline-pumping entertainment and we can’t help but imagine ourselves performing every challenge. One day, perhaps. We have what they’re […]

Winging It

We loves us some Jane Lynch. Even when Glee was dying a slow, painful death in its final season, the comedically gifted actor was still a joy to watch, no matter how ridiculous her character became. Tomorrow night, Jane returns to scripted TV (not counting her purposefully corny jokes on Hollywood Game Night) in Angel from Hell on CBS. Check […]