Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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Wine Your Way Through The Gayborhood & Cool Off

Hot enough for ya? (It’s OK for you to slap us next time you see us because we, too, are so tired of talking about the heat). But the appropriateness in this situation bears mentioning. Because what better way to beat the high temperatures than with a tall cold glass wine? Even better, multiple glasses of wine! They’ll probably make […]

Drink Your Way Around A Small Part Of The Galaxy

After you get off work today, get home, change clothes and head to the Strip on Cedar Springs point five past lightspeed. That’s Star Wars lingo for ASAP. Because tonight, the Cedar Springs Merchant Association’s First Thursday Wine Walk returns with a special May the 4th Be With You edition. If you haven’t already been inundated on social media or […]

Cinco De Drinko De Vino

If you didn’t get enough early Cinco de Mayo celebrations this weekend, mark your calendar for a queer event on the actual holiday. This Thursday, the Cedar Springs Merchant Association hosts its May Wine Walk on Cinco de Mayo (which translates perfectly to May 5 in English). Instead of the stereotypical margaritas, sip on wine all evening as you work […]

Brunch Of The Week: Dimes Up

Mark your calendar now. Or better yet, make your reservations first then update your commitments for September 21 afterward. That’s when the Marsha & Friends Drag Brunch returns to Cedar Springs Tap House. This time around, trashy temptress Marsha Dimes and her drag darlings will be raising money for the Dallas Crosswalk Project to bring rainbows galore to the intersections […]