Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cedar Springs Tap House

Brunch Of The Week: Jiggle All The Way

Our beaver’s been so busy with the start of the holidays that we didn’t even have time for brunch last weekend. Tragic, we know. But this week, we’re highlighting our Brunch of the Week pick a few days early so you can make sure to grab tickets before they sell out. (You have the choice of two different shows, too.) […]

Delicious Dinner & Drag Divas

By now, we’ve all enjoyed a drag brunch or 73 in our lifetimes. But what about dining at night with some divas? We all know drag queens are at their best in the nighttime anyway, right? This weekend, Drag Star Diva and Cedar Springs Tap House join forces to bring you That’s Showbiz: Dinner & Drag Revue starring the amazing […]

A Night Out On The Strip

Who’s ready to go to the Crossroads for a burger, beer and a little flirting? We know we’re dying to get back out, but the gayest place for us right now is on the other side of the mirror—staring back at us with so much fruitiness we can hardly stand it. And we’re tired of looking at that guy! Of […]

Brunch Of The Week: The Rise Of Wigwalker

We now return to your regularly scheduled Drag Brunch. After the closure of Don’t Tell Supper Club, the only bi-weekly drag brunch in town died along with it. But its star, Jenni P is back and better than ever in a whole new venue. Sunday, November 24 marks the second installment of the Sumthin’ Fishy Drag Brunch at the recently […]

Brunch Of The Week: Dimes Up

Mark your calendar now. Or better yet, make your reservations first then update your commitments for September 21 afterward. That’s when the Marsha & Friends Drag Brunch returns to Cedar Springs Tap House. This time around, trashy temptress Marsha Dimes and her drag darlings will be raising money for the Dallas Crosswalk Project to bring rainbows galore to the intersections […]

So Many Wigs, So Much Wine

As Ella Fitzgerald so famously sang, “What are you doing Independence Day Eve?” If your answer is “Nada!” then we can recommend a show that will feature plenty of fireworks—in the form of explosive talent. It’s the one-year anniversary of Wigs-Wine + Dine at Cedar Springs Tap House. Co-sponsored by Monkey & The Bee, the night of entertainment features a […]

Brunch Of The Week: Just The Tap

If you’re like us, many a Sunday brunch ends up with us twerking on the balcony at JR’s. Or stumbling around the dance floor at the Round-Up. So why not save a little money on Lyft and be able to bar-hop on foot after filling up on eggs and mimosas? That’s why the weekend brunch at Cedar Springs Tap House […]

Happy, Happy, Happy Hour

Cheers to the upcoming three-day weekend! We’re actually thinking about making it a four-day one and kicking things off at the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Dallas Summer Member Happy Hour this Thurdsay. Taking place at Cedar Springs Tap House, the free event gives visitors the chance to ask questions of members and learn more about the organization. By joining the GLFD and donating […]

Now That’s Quite The Spread

How do you like your wigs? Scrambled, fried or funny-side up? For us, the answer’s “all of the above.” We’ve been in desperate need of a drag brunch ever since Cedar Grove closed, but Marsha Dimes and her wigged-out pals are here to save the mid-day! The second-ever Marsha & Friends Drag Brunch will smack you in the face with low-rent shenanigans […]

Just Between You & MeeMaw

We always loved weekend brunch with our grandmother. Except back then, it was just called lunch. It usually featured meatloaf instead of eggs. And there were no mimosas in sight. Or any semblance of fun that didn’t involve naming all the animals on Noah’s ark alphabetically. So, wow, we’re looking forward to the antithesis of dining with our own clean-your-plate-or-no-Love-Boat-for-you […]