Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


French Quarter Countdown

Years ago, we discovered two secrets to having the best New Year’s Eve experience possible. Get out of town. Avoid any sort of party with a cover charge and cheap champagne toast at midnight. Combine these two concepts and prepare for magic. By celebrating in another city, it’s much easier to have the New Year’s Eve of a lifetime. “Remember […]

Ignite A Spark

It’s no secret that we grew up with an overprotective mother. Fourth of July at our house consisted of those little black snakes that look like slow-growing turds and, if we were lucky, a box of sparklers. Woo-to-the-f’in-hoo. So as adults, we always seek out the biggest and best fireworks displays we can find to make up for a fizzled-out […]

Cinco de Gayo

With age comes wisdom. And a grand total of 4,398 sex jokes, penis references and groan-inducing puns. Yes, five years ago this month a little publication called Gay List Daily was born in the back alley of a Dallas strip club to a mixed-race, vegan, bacon-loving, vodka-swilling same-sex couple hoping to make the world a brighter place for literate people […]