Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Chaz Marie

Celebrate Good Times, Y’all

We remember when 35 sounded old. Now, we’re happy if anyone under 40 flirts with us at a bar and never utters the words Sir, Daddy or Papi. But 35 is a great age, regardless. And this week, one of our favorite bars in all the world celebrates the big three-and-a-half-decade mark with nightly celebrations culminating with a giant party […]

Dashing in Denim

It’s always nice to feel appreciated. Even better when that comes with a side of shirtless cowboy. That’s exactly what’s going down Sunday at Dallas Does Denim, a customer appreciation party at the Round-Up Saloon. To show how grateful they are for their legions of loyal fans (us included), they’re throwing a huge bash with live music from Chaz Marie, […]