Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Fashionably Great

Classics never go out of style. Which is why we drink far more Old Fashioneds than Frosés. The same thing goes doubly for menswear. Which is why we love Blade […]

100% Cotton. 100% Hope.

We write about a lot of T-shirts. Usually of the funny, edgy, innuendo-laden variety. Sometimes a pitch comes across our desk that looks at the world a little more seriously […]

Tee-Tee Time.

Pride Month is almost half over, but it’s never too late to fill your closet with hilarious and inspiring apparel. Of course, even if your city’s parade has already passed […]

Grab A Chino

It’s time to get into your pants. Like way into your pants. If you’ve never ordered a pair of chinos from Bonobos despite the praise you’ve likely heard from anyone […]

BFF’s Of Dorothy

It’s the age-old dilemma: What do you get the stereotypical queens on your holiday list? Male torso sculptures are just too expensive and, well, no. We just can’t support those. […]

Underwear Of The Month: Wickin’ Ritual

No gay likes wet balls. Unless they’re attached to Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian. For him, we’d make an exception. Otherwise, we like to keep our dangling baubles dry whether it’s […]

Knox Your Socks Off

The weather outside is frightful. At least from where we’re sitting. Unfortunately, that means we can’t do our normal daily barefoot 5K through the woods. (Just because we have French […]

Pill Popper

It’s Tacky Sweater Season! And that doesn’t just apply to the one with the light-up Hello Kitty manger scene with Santa flying overhead. Because any sweater is an ugly sweater […]

Socks Addiction

This little piggy went to market. This little piggy ate roast beef. And this little piggy went to rehab for an uncontrollable foot fetish. Be honest. You’re that last little […]

Become A Model Citizen

Gay Fashion Lesson #1: Short sleeve shirts should not go all the way down to your elbows. That’s what straight papaws wear. Gay Fashion Lesson #2: You can’t buy cashmere […]