Put Some Gay In Your Day!


Good Clean Funny

True story: While sitting in the hot tub Wednesday night, we got an alert that Scruff’s game show Hosting was about to start. We’d never played the HQ-style trivia game, […]

So Wong, She’s Right

Today marks your first chance at a last-minute gift that will make you a hero. At least if the person you’re giving it to has a really twisted sense of […]

The Les You Know

We met Leslie Jordan years ago and he couldn’t have been nicer. Not only did he pose for a photo with us, he posed for seven photos with us because he […]

Funny AND Hot? Sheesh.

Smile coyly at us and we’ll jump in bed with you pretty much right away. Make us laugh, and we may never leave. Consider that fair warning, K-VON, you Persian […]

Gettin’ Tiggy With It

How do we love Tig Notaro? Let us count the ways. Actually, that sounds like a whole lot of work and way too many words for the internet. But trust […]


Ninety percent of what comes out of our mouth is laughter. The other 10 percent is vodka. Because we’re laughing too hard to keep it all in. If you love […]

Forecast: Ferociously Funny

Not today, Satan. Tomorrow. That’s when Hurricane Bianca debuts. The legendary RuPaul’s Drag Race winner and soon-to-be-superstar comedian Bianca Del Rio (Roy Haylock) took the world by storm in the […]

She’s Back! (Again!)

The queen of nighttime talk shows is making her triumphant return! Again. Yes, we know Chelsea Handler released Chelsea Does on Netflix back in January, but that was more of […]

Schumer Humor

There’s only one woman we’ve ever enjoyed being inside. And her name is Amy Schumer. That’s because any time we’re feeling down (or need something short to watch before the […]