Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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You Can’t Laugh In Church, But You Can Sure Laugh Here

You know her. You love her. You fear her judgment. And this Saturday night, Sister Helen Holy takes a break from her weekly 701 Club column to get out among the heathens for a big night of laughter. Sister Helen Holy’s Secular Showcase: A Night of Comedy features special guests Jessica Kirson and Zach Noe Towers on the stage with […]

Eat Praise Love

Not since they turned the comic strip Garfield into a movie have we been more exciting of a print-to-live-action incarnation. That’s right, next Friday our beloved Sister Helen Holy jumps off the digital pages of He Said Magazine and into her girdle for a one-righteous-woman show, Sister Helen Holy presents the 701 Club.  This evening starts with a traditional potluck church supper before the spirit […]