Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Heaven Help Us

Prayer. Preachers. And penises. Lots and lots of penises. Can we get an AMEN? We think we may have found our new Sunday night show—The Righteous Gemstones—because of the stellar cast, of course. Nothing to do with our faith in full-frontal. Promise. The Righteous GemstonesPremieres Sunday, August 18hbo.com

We Hate Hamlet, Too

But we love Paul Rudnick. The gay writer has given us some of our all-time favorite plays and films, from Jeffrey and Sister Act to Addams Family Values and In & Out. In fact, we can definitely say we enjoy his work more than Shakespeare’s. So I Hate Hamlet at Onstage in Bedford might just be the perfect night of […]

Say Goodbye, You’ll Be Fine

Adieu! One of our favorite gay streaming series is coming to an end. But like any great show, they’re going out on their own terms. If you haven’t yet discovered I’m Fine on Dekkoo start with Season One (don’t worry, you can get a free trial to start your binge session right). The focus on millennials-in-Los-Angeles drama brings with it […]

227 Laughs (Per Hour)

History will be made this Friday night. That’s when A Black Lady Sketch Show premieres on HBO. The first-ever sketch comedy show created by black women, written by black women, and starring black women could be the source of some of the best shady jokes ever. So if you need to stock up on one-liners, we highly recommend adding this […]

Wanda, Weezy, Wow

What a week for Wanda Sykes. Today, her Netflix standup comedy special, Wanda Sykes: Not Normal debuts and true to form, nothing is off-limits to the comedian. Trump, to our delight, gets plenty of skewering (which requires a mighty long skewer to get through the blubber). Her material makes for 66 LOL minutes that will leave you ROTFL. Then tomorrow […]

Netflix & Chilled

Five of the things we love most in this world (in no particular order): Tina Fey. Wine. Maya Rudolph. Rachel Dratch. Amy Poehler. This Friday, take a trip to Wine Country on Netflix with some of the world’s funniest women. And because it’s a movie, not a series, you can save the binging for the chardonnay. Wine CountryPremieres Friday, May […]

Very Special Episodes

Our community’s flag is a rainbow for a reason: The LGBTQ community is diverse AF. And a whole new hue gets added to the pop-culture tapestry with the arrival of Special on Netflix, an eight-episode comedy series from out Hollywood power player Jim Parsons who steps into a producer role. The show, which debuted last night, focuses on the semi-autobiographical […]

Good Clean Funny

True story: While sitting in the hot tub Wednesday night, we got an alert that Scruff’s game show Hosting was about to start. We’d never played the HQ-style trivia game, so we thought, why not? We’ve got nothing to do but wait for our appendages to shrivel in the chlorinated water. The game itself was fun, but that night’s host […]

Diamond Is A Gay’s Best Friend

We love a good whip. And also a good Whip. So when we heard that The Whippersnapper is launching Ruby’s Thirsty Thursday Drag Show this week (and every first Thursday), we were stoked. UPDATE: The venue had to change the premiere date to Thursday, April 11. Starring Ruby Diamond and her BFFs Aaron Rey, Kolby Jack Davenport, and Evah Destruction, […]

Persons Of Interested

Few things in this big gay world produce more drama than hookup apps. Excuse us, dating apps (eye roll). There’s also plenty of comedy to be mined from casual sexual encounters and that’s one of the main themes of Interested In, a new web series debuting tomorrow on the gay streaming service, Dekkoo. Centering on a recently out-of-the-closet college guy […]