Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Comfort Food

1 Step To A Perfect Dinner Party

Meal delivery services are all the rage. But most of them require too much time to chop, shred, season, sear and cook. Not to mention several minutes to scream at the boyfriend for not julienning the carrots properly. And sometimes, like the men in our life, we just want easy. That’s where Food Hugs Kitchen comes in. From gay Dallas […]

Legalized Pot (Pies)

Addict is such a negative word. We prefer to think of ourselves as enthusiasts. And by that logic, interventions as tough-love sip & sees. Well, whatever you choose to call it, we’ve got another addic favorite thing. One that’s the cure for all this cold-weather nonsense. Stick your fork in, then wrap your lips around a piping hot bite of […]