Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Comic Books

(Comic) Book Of Mormon

We love it when a Kickstarter campaign succeeds! Last year, we told you about Stripling Warrior, a series of graphic novels featuring a gay, Mormon superhero. That fundraising effort helped creator and gay Mormon Brian Andersen produce three full issues of adventures. But that was only the beginning of a new frontier in the comic world. Anderson has launched a […]

Batman, Meet Your New Boy Wonder

Want to put extra *sigh* into your love of sci-fi? Then make sure your Ewoks are fed and watered, jump in your TARDIS and set both your phaser and personality to stunning. This could be your ultimate speed-dating experience. It’s all taking place this weekend at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days. Sign up at the venue for the chance to […]

Literary Masterpiece

The Fabulous Beekman Boys are taking over the world. From million-dollar reality show wins to soap made from goat lactations, their empire knows no bounds. But we are happy to be their loyal subjects as long as they keep finding new and interesting ways to entertain. Thankfully, that wish has come true thanks to Polka Spot: My Life in Pictures, […]