Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

coming of age

Jamie’s Something To Talk About

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. And you’re probably talking about this movie, too, because it’s been highly anticipated ever since the stage musical debuted in London’s West End back in 2017. There was a glitch with our preview screener, so we didn’t get to watch it in advance. That means you can go in without any preconceived opinions, but we sure […]

Very Special Episodes

Our community’s flag is a rainbow for a reason: The LGBTQ community is diverse AF. And a whole new hue gets added to the pop-culture tapestry with the arrival of Special on Netflix, an eight-episode comedy series from out Hollywood power player Jim Parsons who steps into a producer role. The show, which debuted last night, focuses on the semi-autobiographical […]

Teens, Teens, Teens Across The Board

As far as we’re concerned, we’ll never see enough coming-of-age dramas. The themes are so universal that we think they’re powerful in allowing us to relate to others who’ve gone through similar-yet-oh-so-different high school drama. We can only believe that LGBT issues will continue to have greater acceptance when people see a universal struggle that can easily be substituted easily […]

There’s No Love Like Strangelove

High school crushes. Coming out. Gay cereal. What else could you want in a hilarious comedy? Alex Strangelove Now streaming netflix.com Photo courtesy of Netflix