Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Make Art, Not War

In the center ring, there’s a fight raging on. You cheer on your favorite while trying to avoid the inevitable red splatter. Don’t worry, we’re not sending you to a boxing match but something far more beneficial to culture and society: Art Battle Dallas. Most of the opportunities to see art take place in cold, quiet museums or galleries where […]

Winter’s Here. And Queer.

All-star editions of talent competitions aren’t reserved solely for the likes of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Top Chef or Project Runway. Even local entertainment battles benefit from the format and tonight, The Queer Off debuts its first All-Star Winter Games edition at Sue Ellen’s. Ten contestants return to battle for the crown: Blue Valentine, Mannequita, Kendrix Kyle, The Bearded Queer, Gianna […]

O’Hara If You Dare-a

Our distaste for gardening is only balanced out by our love of garden parties. And one in an indoor air-conditioned space? Even better. This Thursday, join us at a garden party-themed competition hosted by the glorious Asia O’Hara. You’ll always find a lot of talent in the Rose Room at S4, but they’re always looking for fresh talent. And that’s […]

The Old Switcheroo

Drag queens get a lot of press from us. (We love them!) But they’re also a big part of the programming at LGBTQ bars around town, so it’s as much a supply-demand thing as it is a personal obsession. However, things are a changin’ this week as the Caven Enterprises Benevolent Association (C.E.B.A.) presents its annual All-American King Pageant. The […]

Age Is Just A (Dance) Number

We truly believe you’re only as old as you feel. Yet that still doesn’t mean you can be 50 and call yourself a twink on Grindr, no matter how many filters you have on your photo. Drag, however, knows no age limits. Good drag is good drag, funny is funny, and death drops add even more drama the closer a […]

One Hairy Competition

Ready to face a new kind of drag competition? Starting tomorrow night, the Round-Up presents a contest that celebrates scruff—a little or a lot. The Beard Down brings together queens who celebrate the feminine side of facial hair. That’s right, for the next six weeks, catch bearded ladies battling it out for a $1,000 grand prize. That can buy a […]

See How Thickette Is

Seeing a naked guy in person sure beats the heck out of seeing one online. The same thing goes for drag musical numbers: A queen who sings a song live will almost always be better than a lip-sync. That’s why we love Miss Big Thickette, the Turtle Creek Chorale drag pageant that’s been entertaining crowds for 30 years. It’s back […]

Paint The Rose Room Red

According to Madonna, Rita Hayworth gave good face. But Dallas Red Foundation is looking for a face of its own—in the form of a glamorous drag queen during the 4th annual Miss Red Pageant. Taking place this Sunday night in the Rose Room, the competition brings together scores of local artists seeking to snatch the crown from the rest of […]

Queen For Several Days

Another week, another live reality-style competition show at a gayborhood bar. Not that we’re complaining! Tonight, The Showdown returns for Round II at The Round-Up, pitting 12 contestants against each other over 12 weeks for a fierce drag competition. Hosted by Daphne Rio, the cast also features Ross Johnston as head judge and Domita Sanchez as a fellow judge and mentor to […]

That Syncing Feeling

Karaoke isn’t for everyone. Like us. We couldn’t sing our way out of a showerful of naked men. (Or however that expression goes.) But lip-sync? That’s something we do really well. It’s a skill we attribute to mouthing “Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon” during performances of “Amazing Grace,” “How Great Thou Art,” and “Down by the Riverside” during our adolescent church choir […]