Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Vote For Dolly With Your Dollars

Why, oh why, isn’t Dolly Parton the President of the United States? She’s the only person on the planet we know who could possibly bring people together from all sides. If you watched Dolly Parton: Here I Am on Netflix when it came out earlier this month and wish you had been able to spend more than 90 minutes with […]

Rumer Has It

The old-fashioned cabaret show gets a post-modern update next Tuesday. That’s when Rumer Willis comes to the Granada Theater. You may know the talented performer for one of several reasons. She’s the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. She also took home the mirror ball trophy on the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars. And she starred as […]

Tin Roof Rusted?

One of our very first moves was going down on the dance floor. Going down, down, down…to the tune of “Rock Lobster” by the B-52s. Years later during Southern Decadence, we went down on the dance floor, but to a completely different song. And in a completely different context. Well, the iconic 80s party band is returning to North Texas […]

Oh, Boy! George!

Are you a man without conviction? Or at least one without plans this Friday? Then you need to make sure you have tickets to Culture Club, featuring Boy George and the original band members that made them one of the world’s all-time biggest pop sensations. Tickets are still available for the show at Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie for as […]

Steele The One

Almost exactly one year ago, we praised the new album from lesbian singer Anne Steele, one of our favorite independent artists of 2015. Well now she’s coming to town as part of a concert tour to support that album, What’s Mine. Plus, she’ll also sing a few of her insanely good covers. If you’ve never heard her music, seen her […]

Barrying It All

Now we know why we’re gay. During our formative years, our sister was obsessed with Barry Manilow. She played his music from her 8-track player on a near-constant loop while I sat in my room next door choreographing moves to “Copacabana.” Ever since Barry came out as gay, it all makes so much sense. His music must’ve gotten into our […]

Ready, Set, Gomez

To say we’re a bit beyond the desired demographic for Selena Gomez is an understatement. But that isn’t about to stop us from gushing over her new album, Revival, which was just released a couple weeks ago while she teased the world with her possible same-sex love affair with Cara Delevingne. It’s one of the most addictive pop albums we’ve […]

Oh, Ricky, You’re So Fine!

Beg, borrow, sell your body for spare change. While we can’t condone cheating or stealing, any of the above are fair game for acquiring tickets as close to the stage as possible for Ricky Martin’s One World Tour. Our love knows no bounds for Richard (that’s what he asked us to call him while rolling our Rs in an English […]

She’s Got Rhythm

There’s no such thing as bad seats in Dallas theater. As long as Liz Mikel is on the stage. The incomparable multi-talented, immensely sweet, just-sassy-enough, amazingly charasmatic singer and actor is everything you want in a diva. Her voice is so powerful, you could be in the lobby ordering your intermission drinks early and you’d still enjoy the show. Plus, […]

Mac Lovin’

The only sign we hate to see more than “Bar Closed” or “TSA Line Starts Here” is “Sold Out.” But that’s exactly what thousands of fans were greeted with when Fleetwood Mac came to town last December. Fortunately, the group love making dreams come true and they’ve added 11 additional dates to their On with the Show tour. Thankfully, Dallas […]