Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Keep Your Cool

Our beach vacation packing list only consists of five items. A skimpy swimsuit. A second skimpy swimsuit because some people will have seen us in the first one by the second day. SPF 6000 sunscreen. A third skimpy swimsuit (see reason above). A checked suitcase filled with lots and lots of booze. Well, our packing list is about to get […]

Hit The Slope

We’ve sucked on plenty of balls in our day. But now we’re angling for a different way of life. That’s because ice balls are about to meet their match in the Whiskey Wedge from our innovative pals over at Corkcicle. The Whiskey Wedge comes with its own special squared-off glass and it just might be the last drinkware you’ll ever […]

Be The Best Pour Person Ever

Gotta love innovation. While some people get excited about Mars rovers and cures for terminal illnesses, our needs are a bit simpler. Because as long as our wine is the right temperature, we’re happy. And now our favorite wine accessory, the Corkcicle, has experienced a major upgrade. Pop open a bottle and say hello to Corkcicle.ONE, a revolutionary new product […]