Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

country music

Genie & A Bottle

Summon your Lyft Magic Carpet and head to the Round-Up tonight for a bottle of beer and some supernaturally great entertainment. There, you’ll find a whole new world as the touring cast members of Broadway’s Aladdin take over the stage to sing their favorite country songs and other hit numbers from Texas artists. (We’re sure they’re tired of all those […]

Beg Your Parton?

Could this be one of the best gay weeks ever? First, we have Madonna’s 60th birthday to celebrate tomorrow. Then just one day later, the happiest holiday of them all: Dolly Day! Presented by The Rustic in Uptown, this all-night celebration of the glorious country legend features live music galore from Raised Right Men, Frankie Leonie, Harper Grace, Madison King […]

Turnabout, Bright Eyes

Step away from that LuAnn platter, guys. Why take your mom to Luby’s again this year for Mother’s Day when you could expose her to the Bearded Ladies at this year’s Turnabout Show at the Round-Up? The annual Does Your Mother Know?┬ádrag extravaganza features employees of the Round-Up all dolled up and ready to raise money for R.E.B.A (The Round-Up […]