Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


V Marks The Spot

We love anything featuring a decidedly queer spin. Gay Beer. LGBTQ-owned underwear brands such as JJ Malibu and Andrew Christian. That Instagram account with all the asshole Republicans transformed into drag queens. Because let’s be honest, everything’s better when it’s gayer. Case in point: the newest album from queer artist Mathew V, Anything Goes. Out now, this new collection of […]

Like A Cover In The Wind

Ever seen Lady Gaga open her mouth and out falls Elton John? Neither have we, but we can totally picture it. That’s because some songwriters have such superb skills that their tunes are just as good when covered by other artists. Case in point: The music of Elton John and his longtime lyricist, Bernie Taupin. This Friday, two albums pay tribute to their […]