Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Our New Mask Mandate

Because we’re part of Team Science (and rarely find anything worthwhile exiting the mouth of our anti-gay governor), we will continue to mask in public to help protect others and prevent the spread of COVID-19. So our year-long hunt for the perfect mask continues. And we think we’ve found another superb contender for our short list of favorites: HMNKIND. At […]

Sooo MILFy

We’ve been so excited about the inauguration festivities that we almost forgot to write today’s story. Fortunately, we haven’t completely lost our marbles yet. But that’s more than we can say for the crazy gals over at Sassy’s Cougar Cabaret at the Round-Up. The new drag variety show debuted earlier this month and we’ve heard fantastic things about it. We’re […]

A Perfect Match

Like Seduction sang back in 1989, it takes two to make a thing go right. And with Far East Pizza Co., that goes for the partnership between chef Nidhi Mittal (above right) and chef Troy Gardner (above left), as well as the surprisingly harmonious blend of Indian and Italian flavors. And the story of how it came to be makes […]

Laugh, Laugh & Laugh Some More

We wouldn’t have gotten through 2020 without laughter. Lots and lots of it. So we figure that’s a pretty solid way to inaugurate 2021. The mathematical possibility of having an overload of chuckles, chortles, guffaws and giggles increases exponentially at Fifty First Jokes, a night of comedy from Stomping Ground Comedy Theater & Training Center. The concept’s simple: Gather 50 […]

!Feliz Navidrag!

We didn’t get any of the Drive ‘N Drag events in this neck of the woods earlier in the pandemic season, but Voss Events makes up for that with a six-city holiday tour that focuses almost entirely on Texas. Drive ‘N Drag Saves Christmas comes to Dallas December 18-20 after stops in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Featuring Aquaria, Kameron […]

Stream Awakening

Now here’s a very 2020 take on live theater. Yesterday, East Dallas Arts presented a staging of Spring Awakening that may go down in history quite possibly the safest production ever. Not the material, however. Don’t worry, there’s still sexual discovery and teen angst aplenty in this version of the Tony Award-winning musical. Not only does the audience stream the […]

And Now For The Talent Portion Of The Pandemic…

You’d have to pay us a lot of money to sit through a beauty pageant. Even more if it’s a double feature with any Real Housewives franchise. But ask us to watch a fake beauty pageant featuring men in drag and we’ll happily do the paying. That’s exactly what we hope everyone reading this will do starting this Friday as […]

Howdy, Photo Op!

Unless you’ve been living under a deep-fried rock, by now you’ve heard that the State Fair of Texas will be launching a drive-thru experience starting next weekend under the shadow of Big Tex and his size-70 appendage(s). What you might not know yet is that this weekend for only $25 you can drive through for a professional photo opportunity with […]

Home Improve-Mint

What a difference seven months makes. You may have noticed that as of March we have temporarily furloughed our Brunch of the Week feature in light of the ever-changing restaurant landscape, social distancing rules, blah, blah, blah. Yet here we are, almost seven months to the day of writing one of our last Brunch of the Week features on Asian […]

Justice, Texas-Style

When we can’t get together, we come together. Tomorrow night, join Lambda Legal for We’re Here, Texas: A Virtual SoirĂ©e for Justice, a party organized jointly by the host committees of the Dallas Landmark Dinner and Houston’s Equality’s Night Out. The event aims to bring together the entire state of Texas online in support of the programs and services of […]