Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Coy Covington

The Way Of The Broad

Our jazz hands are tingling, which can only mean one thing: Broadway Our Way is just around the corner. The annual Uptown Players fundraising extravaganza returns to the Kalita Humphreys Theater this year for a night of music, dancing and plenty of laughs—and that’s just in the line for the men’s room! On stage, B.J. Cleveland and Coy Covington (pictured) […]

Family Matters

Biting and touching: two of our favorite verbs! But they’re about to become our favorite adjectives, too, as they’re being used to describe the comedy, Harbor, which closes out the season for Uptown Players. The story focuses on Kevin, a gay man whose world is shaken in a manner only previously measurable by the Richter scale.When his irresponsible sister, Donna, […]