Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Craft Cocktails

Brunch Of The Week: Egg Day At The Gym

We work out every day in an attempt to stay somewhat, sorta, kinda in shape. Especially now that we don’t have lockdowns and quarantines as an excuse to eat poorly (and often). So the fewer temptations that present themselves to us, the better. Well, that all changed as soon as Primo’s MX Kitchen opened downstairs from our health club, Equinox […]

Masters Of Their Craft

Your next holiday party is about to get exponentially more epic. And it only takes a single phone call. That’s because hiring the new bartending service, Shaken & Stirred, gets you way more than just a person behind a bar slinging vodka sodas at your guests. No, these guys and gals create artfully crafted cocktails that will impress anyone with […]