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Craig McCartney

Wanted: Breakthrough Performance

The other day, Karl and I were scrolling through the DVR recordings to find something we both wanted to watch. Naturally, he didn’t want to watch a Bette Davis or […]


It seemed like it was going to be a nice, relaxing Sunday. Karl and I had dinner with friends on Saturday night, and the contentious, vitriolic Dallas municipal election was […]

Keeping Up With The Windsors

Sitting at my computer at this moment, my gaze wanders around the room to identify all the things that identify me as an anglophile. Queen Victoria has a mug and […]

American Precision

American ingenuity. American exceptionalism. But what about American precision? Does it even exist? Not when it comes to holidays, and seldom when it comes to language. While grade school children […]

Revisiting Magnolias of the Steel Variety

Several years ago, I was excited to go to a party in California that was to be attended by Ben Mankiewicz. He is one of my nerdy hot crushes, doing […]

I Had A Dream

“. . . a wonderful dream, Papa.” See what those four words can do? “I had a dream” is the key to unlocking one’s inner Ethel Merman. Say those four […]

The Boys In The Band

For as long as I can remember, there have been rock bands. Beatles and Stones and Monkees, oh my. Some grew somewhat organically out of key associations—Jagger/Richards, Lennon/McCartney—that began when […]

Easy Queasy

Something just isn’t right. And by not right, I’m talking about something is rotten in the state of Denmark—except this isn’t Denmark, and I’m not Marcellus. It’s that same queasy […]

Cuts, Edits & Redactions

The experience of watching movies on television, by definition, is not the same as seeing one in a theater as it was originally intended to be seen. This is particularly […]

Rules & The Right of Way

On a lovely spring day, I was meeting a girlfriend for my favorite kind of lunch— chicken salad, martinis and a healthy dollop of gossip.  Driving through a neighborhood replete […]