Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Craig McCartney

Clutch Pearls

Well, it is official. I’ve now heard from friends in all three political camps that they will be holding their noses and voting for either Secretary Clinton or Mr. Trump. And, since this is 2016, that doesn’t mean that I talked to them in all cases…just that they’ve posted their dissatisfaction on Facebook. There are Democrats who supported Senator Sanders […]

The First Time (Or Two)

There’s been so much talk since Orlando about the role that gay bars play and have played as a safe and welcoming space for LGBT folks over the years.  In that vein, I thought a light hearted remembrance might be in order. Anybody who grew up in Texas knows that emancipation does not occur at 18 or even 21—emancipation is […]

Spare Change

I’m not much for change, especially technological ones. My email address is with AOL, for goodness sake. And we’ve had the same landline phone number for 28 years…which is before it was called a landline and it was just a phone number. Now, I am for societal changes that expand rights and protect individuals…that’s a good thing. Finding out that […]


When it looked like the full force of the Republican establishment was going to come forth to prevent him from being the nominee, Donald Trump couldn’t get in front of a microphone without screaming about the system being rigged. Funny how that narrative ended the minute he became the presumptive nominee. Over in Democraticland, Bernie Sanders and his supporters are […]

Welcome To Texas (Guinan)

When I was growing up, there was a prevailing attitude that America was the greatest country in the world, Texas was the greatest state in the Union, and Tyler was the best place in Texas to live. And, if you lived on the south side of the train tracks, so much the better. Of course, I’m from Tyler, and yes, […]

Let It go

“It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Someone said it…probably not Mark Twain…possibly some middle aged guy in a bar. Doesn’t really matter. What matters is this one sentence might be the thinking person’s mantra and path to preserving one’s sanity for the next six months. If you live in a blood […]

My Name Is Craig and I’m A (Political) Junkie

While Americans may no longer depend on print journalism to be well-informed, they don’t depend on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox either. Because, let’s face it, those of us who haunt those networks aren’t looking for the news of the day. We’re junkies. And our dealers (Wolf Blitzer, Rachel Maddow, Megyn Kelly, et al.) have been cutting our drugs with baby […]

You Have Mail

It would be too embarrassing for me to admit how many unopened emails are in my inbox. Not that the unopened ones are from anyone I actually know, you understand. Mostly junk mail from anyone who managed to get my email address. Oh, and political fundraising. Lots of those. So every time I go online, there they are—these unread messages […]