Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cross Dressing

Cross Dress Us, Everyone!

Christmas doesn’t have to be a drag. But it’s so much better when it is. This Thursday, Stage West in Fort Worth brings Scrooge in Rouge to audiences. When most of the cast and crew of A Christmas Carol get sick unexpectedly, it’s up to the remaining healthy people to perform the entire show—and all 20 characters. The quick-change show […]

These Ladies Doth Protest Too Much

Long before RuPaul paraded around men in women’s clothes, Shakespeare was doing the very same thing. The actors in his plays were probably some of the most popular cross dressers of the 1500s. Wonder if they also toured the country after their seasons were over trying to milk their 15 minutes of fame. Something to ponder. Well, starting tonight, the Shakespearean […]

Sign Of The Cross(dresser)

Other than the fantastic-yet-underrated Connie & Carla, there aren’t many great examples of movies in which women cross-dress as men. But the gold standard has always been Victor/Victoria. Not only is this musical comedy extra fun because of the whole delightfully confusing “woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman” conceit, it’s just an outright classic ‘80s […]