Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


The Way Of The Broad

Our jazz hands are tingling, which can only mean one thing: Broadway Our Way is just around the corner. The annual Uptown Players fundraising extravaganza returns to the Kalita Humphreys Theater this year for a night of music, dancing and plenty of laughs—and that’s just in the line for the men’s room! On stage, B.J. Cleveland and Coy Covington (pictured) […]

Pink Traveler: Follow The Rainbow To Costa Rica

Hard to believe we flew all the way to Costa Rica and didn’t see a single sloth—except the one in the mirror. That’s because as much as the lush Central American country might be known for adventure (of which we had plenty), it’s also a wonderful place to slow down, disconnect and get in touch with nature. Plus, Costa Rica’s […]

All The News That’s Gay To Print

In a world where print publications struggle to survive, one has triumphed. Celebrating 25 years, The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide continues to publish well-written, thought-provoking coverage of history, culture and politics from an LGBT point-of-view. In a beautiful print edition that you can actually hold in your well-manicured hands. The bimonthly journal publishes essays on a variety of topics, plus reviews […]

Cinematic Soundtracks At The Symphony

Any gay who’s lived in Dallas a while remembers when the symphony would perform at Lee Park on Easter Sunday. We always enjoyed that concert so much because it was filled with music from pop culture. We love when highbrow meets lowbrow, after all. Like when Barefoot Contessa makes hot dogs. Well, this weekend, we can recapture some of those […]

Art Appreciation. (And We Don’t Mean A Guy Named Art)

We love art. Especially when it’s great. And especially when it comes with wine. So all these factors combine tomorrow from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. when porcelain installation artist Lucrecia Waggoner exhibits STARDUST, her newest series at Laura Rathe Fine Art (LRFA) in the Dallas Design District. A good friend and fellow Jack in the Box taco fanatic has Waggoner’s […]

Cuba’s A Drag

We can’t wait to go to Cuba. Well, once they get a five-star resort. But then for sure! We’ve always been fascinated with the Cuban culture, which, like most Americans, we’ve only been able to see in films and from whatever Lucille Ball would have us believe. In VIVA, opening today in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, we get […]

Rights, Said Fred

There is no “I” in volunteer. But there is a U. Tonight, join the Human Rights Campaign for a recruiting event that will help groom the next great volunteers in Dallas-Fort Worth. Join the ongoing fight for full LGBT equality by becoming part of the volunteer-led steering committee of HRC. Learn all there is to know about volunteering tonight at […]

Well-Groomed Busch

If life is indeed a cabaret, old chums, then you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Charles Busch on stage. The two-time MAC Award winner, Tony nominee and drag legend behind such cult-classic films as Die, Mommie, Die! and Psycho Beach Party is coming to Dallas for three nights of classic and contemporary songs. His performance is genuine, but deliciously edgy […]

The Boys Are Back

Everybody can use a little help being more fabulous. Even the most exquisite among us who to most in the outside world are absolutely, 100% perfect just the way we are. But it’s fun to think of those who really need help. That’s why we’re so excited for another season of Secret Guide to Fabulous, premiering Friday with back-to-back episodes […]

Con Job Well Done

We love to pretend. Or “cos play” as the kids call it. If you need a Civil War captain, a bootleg Eeyore or a naughty leather daddy, we’re your guy. Heck, we’ve been known to slap on a harness, the donkey head and carry around a musket when we’re feeling indecisive. So we have mad respect for Frank Abangale, Jr., […]