Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


La Historia Oficial

It’s time for a come to Jesús moment. But you’ll have to wait until Saturday. That’s when Dallasite Jesús Cháirez will speak about his experiences in the city as a gay man from the early ‘80s through today as part of the speaker series at TeCo Theatrical Productions. As an organizer and the first president of DFW’s original gay Latino […]

Vagina-Flower Monologues

It’s hard to look at the floral paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe and not see a certain other delicate flower. The similarity between violets and vajajays, lilies and labia, petunias and…well, you get the idea. Our college art professor loved to point that out to make us squirm. She also liked to talk about the rumors of the famous painter’s possible […]

Oral Robert

Have we got a story for you! Actually, several. The Dallas Way, whose mission is to gather, store, organize and present the complete GLBT history of our city, presents its latest edition of Outrageous Oral tonight at the Rose Room at S4. Hosted by the lovely and charming Robert Emery, this evening of storytelling always features spectacular voices from our […]

Oh Pun Bar

If ever there was a combination sure to make us swoon it’s the perfect storm forming at the Dallas Museum of Art tomorrow night. That’s where super-cute Broadway-dancer-turned-author Tim Federle brings his love of puns and cocktails together for a night of intoxicating word play. Or in our case, word foreplay. While not busy reciprocating loving glances with us, Tim […]

Be A Holiday Hero

Don’t fall into the last-minute gift trap. You know, the one where you’re at the mall on Christmas Eve with bags full of crap nobody will ever really want. It’s a move fueled by desperation and completely unnecessary. Because chances are, if you’ve waited that long to buy something for someone, you really don’t know what they want or need. […]

French Quarter Countdown

Years ago, we discovered two secrets to having the best New Year’s Eve experience possible. Get out of town. Avoid any sort of party with a cover charge and cheap champagne toast at midnight. Combine these two concepts and prepare for magic. By celebrating in another city, it’s much easier to have the New Year’s Eve of a lifetime. “Remember […]

Tie One On

It’s time to pull your tuxedo out of the closet and make sure it still fits, because there’s less than a month until the 2014 Black Tie Dinner. And don’t worry if you don’t already have a ticket because, great news, there are still a limited number of tickets available for one of our favorite LGBT events of the year. […]

Sun Of A…

For anyone who lives in a town where the high temperature hovers near the freezing mark, even if just for a day or two, it’s nice to have a reliable winter escape filled with sunshine and worthwhile diversions. For years, we’ve been retreating to Phoenix in winter for a little Arizona heat mixed with an abundance of culture, nightlife and […]

Hall Mark

There are places all over town that hold a special place in our heart. The dance floor at S4. The very back booth at Hunky’s. And many a bush at Lee Park. Of course, we’ve also made lots of memories on the lawn at Lee Park, whether during the Easter celebration, Gay Pride or sweating off the pounds at Dr. […]

You Like To Watch

Next week, another Transformers movie hits theaters. And we get one step closer to giving up on mankind. But there’s something that may restore our faith in the creative spirit happening this weekend at the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake. It’s Dallas Indie Festival, four days of film, live music, art, food and vendors selling their handmade […]