Put Some Gay In Your Day!


The Rainbow Confection

Got a little sugar in your step? Want a little more? In a land where baking cakes for LGBTQ people still causes controversy, it’s always a welcome change for a […]


We’ve just discovered the only way we’d be OK finding a hair in our food. Because if it’s being delivered to us by one of the fantasy bakers in Babe […]

Bacon Maple Cupcakes

We regret that we haven’t been posting as regularly lately. We’ve been really busy and that makes us lazy… VERY lazy. This recipe is clear proof of that.  Here we are […]

Sweet Sensations

In America, we’ve got The Voice and some show with Ryan Seacrest about idols or something. But across the pond, there’s the phenomena known as Eurovision and Universong. The latter […]

Swallow Your Pride

Skittles no longer corner the market on that whole tasting-the-rainbow thing. Now, Baked by Melissa is cooking up something special for LGBT Pride. Her delightfully tiny treats always pack a […]

Size Batters

Sometimes, you just want to fit the whole thing in your mouth. No extra effort. No embarrassing dribbles. No uncomfortable lockjaw. Until now, Gigantic Cupcake Syndrome ensured that none of […]