Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Let’s Get Soaking Wet

Somebody must be spying on us through our toaster oven. Because we don’t have a microwave. How else would the team at D. HEDRAL know that we’ve been doing 250 sit-ups a day to gear up for summer? That’s the only reason we can think that they’d send us such a skimpy swimsuit to test out. Well, let’s just say these […]

Underwear Of The Month: Y, Oh Y!

All we want for Christmas is just two butt cheeks. Nestled in luxurious, form-fitting underwear. Never before have we enjoyed seeing half-naked guys leave the room (we prefer them coming), but in D.HEDRAL underwear we don’t mind the view one bit.With their patented AngleFit technology, a Y-shaped design provides structured support to your booty and lifts up every bit of […]