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Great Tequila That Makes The World Better

Why does Taco Tuesday get all the love? We would love to see you Tequila Tuesday take over, quite frankly. After all, it’s one of our favorite summer spirits. Right up there with vodka, gin, rum, whiskey and rosé in a five-liter box with a spout. Seriously, we genuinely love good tequila. Scratch that, we love great tequila. So when we […]

Forecast Calls For Ice

We love to host cocktail parties. Mostly because using a cocktail shaker makes our biceps look really good. But also because we enjoy opening up our home to a bunch of drunks. Yet the experience of making cocktails can be an exhausting endeavor, what with all the citrus squeezing, herb muddling and ingredient measuring. And hiring a private bartender totally […]