Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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Hope You Like Your Oral Outrageous

We love spontaneity in our lives, but we also like routine. There’s something comforting about knowing our housekeeper comes every other Friday. That we’re going to the pizza buffet each Tuesday. And waking up at 2:30 a.m. each night to pee. (What a treat.) But another thing we can count on is experiencing a little Outrageous Oral every so often […]

Say “I Do” To This Virtual Event

It’s hard to believe how totally different the United States was just eight years ago — for so many reasons. Even though we had a competent, compassionate, Covid-19-negative Commander in Chief, same-sex marriage was still very much illegal. But the course of history was about to change and two local residents had a key role in shaping the future. On […]

Human Rights (And Wrongs)

The virtual museum experience is something we’re all getting accustomed to these days and tomorrow, there’s one we think you’ll like. If you haven’t yet been to the new location for the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, now’s a chance to tour one of its exhibits from home. The Texas Upstanders exhibit showcases a group of people who fought […]

Wine. Beer. Equality. These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things.

It’s funny how naive we can be sometimes. Back in June 2015 we actually had the thought that a lot of LGBTQ organizations might cease to exist because history was finally on the side of equality. Man, oh man, do we feel dumb now. With the equal rights of our community in more jeopardy now than they’ve been in a […]