Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dallas Pride

The Gayborhood’s New Temple Of Underwear

We worship in a different kind of church than most people—kneeling at the altar of underwear. (Any excuse to kneel thrills us, really.) Underwear stores bring us so much joy that we can’t wait to share the good news of another place to shower ourselves with boxers, briefs, jock straps and swimsuits. And maybe a harness and whip for good […]

Lordy, Lordy, Look Who’s 40!

Dallas Pride hits a milestone celebration this year: four decades of taking the LGBTQ message of equality to the streets! We get asked often about Dallas’ two Pride celebrations. So in case you’re one of the many still questioning this, don’t worry. You’re clearly not alone. This weekend, the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade (the one that used to be […]

Rainbow Days Of Summer

Two months from today, Fair Park will get a whole lot gayer. And even more LGBTQier. It’s been a while since the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade and Dallas Pride Festival looked the way they should after two years of virtual and modified celebrations due to that whole pandemic thing. But this year, it could (and should) be bigger and […]

What To Do This Pride Weekend In Dallas

Happy Pride Month, Dallas! Even though there’s no parade this year, we’re thrilled to have several events to celebrate our love of the Dallas LGBTQ community. And with some careful planning, you can attend them all! The official Dallas Pride events take place this Friday and Saturday at Fair Park. Update: Due to expected inclement weather, events have moved indoors. […]

Rainbow Marks The Spot

In one more day, six colors will take over the world. (Even more depending on which flag people prefer for Pride Month.) To celebrate all the Pride activities this coming weekend, temporary tattoos will help you express whatever you’re feeling. To achieve that easily and safely with cosmetic-quality ingredients, drop a set of these BodyMark by Bic pens in your […]

Celebrate Pride Face-to-Face Once Again In 2021!

It’s official, Dallas Pride returns to an outdoor celebration this year, June 4 and 5. After a virtual celebration in 2020, we’re sure everyone’s as excited as we are to be (safely) out and about to share our LGBTQ Pride. The full press release of today’s announcement can be found in… 3… 2… 1… It’s outdoors and in-person: Dallas Pride […]

Dallas Pride Anywhere, Everywhere

Somewhere in town, there are some very happy City of Dallas workers. Because with in-person Pride events canceled for the year, they’ve been spared the tedious task of glitter removal from the streets of Fair Park. But they better start getting prepared for next year because it’s going to be a big, rainbow-hued, sparkly mess when Dallas Pride returns in […]

Breaking: Dallas Pride Leaves Fair Park For A Virtual Experience

It was only a matter of time. The 2020 event, “The Pride of Texas” that was rescheduled from June to July has now been changed to a virtual experience as a matter of safety. The date(s), times and digital platforms will be announced soon. “The LGBTQ+ community has always become more resilient in the face of uncertainty, and we are […]

Dallas Pride Postpones Festival & Parade

Dallas Pride will be hotter than ever this year. In more ways than one. It was officially announced that Dallas Pride Weekend festivities have moved from June 6 and 7 to July 25 and 26. Follow Dallas Pride on Facebook and Twitter or visit dallaspride.org to keep up with all the latest developments. Let’s just hope it isn’t a social-distancing […]

So You Twink You Can Dance

We’re so excited for Dallas Pride, we could just do the splits. Except we can’t. At least not on purpose. But enough about our lack of flexibility. This coming weekend will be filled with dance parties and chances to celebrate all things LGBT. The majority of events come courtesy of Purple Foundation, the non-profit group behind Purple Party Weekend. But there […]