Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dallas Restaurant

We’re Breast Men Now. Just FYI.

The grub in the gayborhood continues to get better and better. When iconic Cedar Springs restaurant, The Black-Eyed Pea, closed earlier this year many regulars were distraught to see the comfort-food staple close its butter- and gravy-soaked doors forever. Ourselves included. Where would we get our chicken fried steak fix before a night of drag queens at the Rose Room […]

Brunch Of The Month: Carnivorous Delights

When the Bloody Mary is made with pork broth, you pretty much know the kind of brunch you’re in for. Ever since Rapscallion opened on Lowest Greenville Avenue it’s been a meat lover’s paradise at dinner, but that concept translates beautifully to their brunch menu, too. We went last Sunday and it was a packed house, so first and foremost, […]

Bacon, Butter & Booze

Five days ago, we visited Pink Magnolia. Two days ago, we emerged from our sugar coma. Don’t worry, it’s one we anticipated and graciously welcomed after working our way through much of the food menu—and the entire collection of cocktails, from simple champagne concoctions to punch bowls filled with fruity, boozy delights.Indeed, as anyone who’s ever dined on the food […]

The More You GNO

Funday, Moanday, Twosday, Three-Way, Thirsty, Friday. Our calendar now reads like a gluttonous to-do list. And it’s about to get even more so now that Villa-O is taking the Supreme Court’s lead and jumping on the equality bandwagon. Yes, for possibly the first time in hospitality industry history, Girl’s Night Out (GNO) is legally adding guys to its legal definition.Get […]

Hip-Hop, Highballs & Ham

BZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!! Pardon the all-caps and multiple exclamation points, but that’s the only way in print to illustrate the buzz surrounding the opening of Remedy on Greenville Avenue. With a kitchen helmed by the delightful Danyele McPherson, who worked in some of the city’s best restaurants (The Grape, Stephan Pyles) before gaining national exposure on Top Chef. Behind the bar, Matt […]

Her Majesty

We’re not one to throw the C Word around lightly. But it’d be easy to argue that a particular cozy restaurant space on McKinney Avenue has been somewhat cursed with concept after concept disappearing into the ether. Consider the bad juju gone forever now that Henry’s Majestic has settled in at 4900 McKinney Avenue. That’s thanks in large part to […]

Burgers, Exclamation Point!

Dallas, we have a new burger joint. Yes, we know we could practically write that sentence on a twice-daily basis, but this is a monumental discovery. Eureka! That’s also the name of the restaurant, a new-to-Texas burger chain with a fondness for exclamation points and top-notch ingredients. We’ll forgive them of their claim to provide an eatertainment experience and focus […]

Full Frontal

Watching SMU frat guys cavort in their natural habitat used to require a lot of careful planning, full-body camo gear and the ability to quickly scale a tree for the optimum vantage point. Now, we can ogle hot college dudes with a side of chicken liver mousse and a Ruby Gimlet on the patio of the newly redesigned and renamed […]