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Oui, Oui, Oui All The Way Home

Ah, to be in Paris right now. Maybe with a Candian flag on our backpack, but still. If you’re looking for an escape from all the negativity and chaos encircling […]

Brunch Of The Month: We Tapped That

It’s never too late to squeeze in a story about Bloody Marys. So in celebration of the last day of January (and to give you something to look forward to […]

This Son Shines

Trinity Groves has another hit on its hands and they have one family in particular to thank: the Rodartes. Beto & Son features the culinary craft of Beto and his […]

Brunch Of The Month: Gayborhood Tex-Mex

We’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest spots around Dallas, whether it’s restaurants, bars or back-alley, pop-up spray-tanning businesses. So typically our Brunch of the Month feature […]

Your Next Tropical Vacation: Greenville Avenue

In our lives, there are three kinds of porn: Hot-guy porn. Food porn. And now, corn soufflé porn. Come on, just look at that golden, sun-kissed mound of carby goodness. […]

Unleavened Heaven

We’re shaking up our usual Fall routine. Normally, we use the cooler weather and body-hiding sweaters and jackets as an excuse to pack on a few pounds. It starts at […]

Rap Star

If there’s one thing we learned from being kidnapped by Dr. Phil and forced to make women’s panties from nothing but gummy-bear vitamins and old photos of our dreamy college […]

Brunch Of The Month: Muy Buena

Ask any gay man. Great things always come in threes. That’s why we were so excited when El Bolero joined sibling restaurants Oak and Pakpao in the Design District. Not […]

Second Helping

Even though there are no drag queens in sight (although we swear there was one little old lady with an Adam’s apple) , the new DISH Preston Hollow is every […]

Rising Like A Phoenix

When life give you lemons, you know what to do. When life sets those lemons on fire, you regroup and come back stronger than ever. That’s what Dallas Chop House […]