Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Free Symphony Music! Get Your Free Symphony Music!

One of the brightest moments of the peak pandemic era was the ability to see world-class musicians perform free concerts all over Dallas-Fort Worth. Well, tonight the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and The Concert Truck team up again for a new season of outdoor performances in a neighborhood near you. You’ll find concerts taking place mornings, afternoons and evenings, so surely […]

Holiday Harmonies

We’d love to wake up Christmas morning with Cheyenne Jackson under our tree. It’s not an entirely impossible wish, what with our stockpile of chloroform and frequent flyer miles, but still fairly unlikely. So the next best thing for us is a front-row seat to Christmas with Megan Hilty and Cheyenne Jackson. Many fantastic seats are available now for the […]

Under The C (& G Major)

We haven’t been this excited about sea creatures since the last Lobsterfest. Every gay’s favorite underwater character—Ursula, duh—returns with The Dallas Symphony Orchestra by her side. For three special screenings of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, the film’s soundtrack will be performed live by the DSO. If you’ve never seen a movie in this immersive format, we highly recommend it. Seats are still […]

Can A T-Rex Play The Violin?

Summer unofficially ends on Labor Day Weekend, so why not celebrate by watching one of the biggest summer blockbusters of all time? Jurassic Park in Concert brings the movie to life in a whole new way as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra performs the iconic John Williams score live beneath an HD projection of the film. Feel the music like never before while […]

All About That Bass (AND Treble)

We love a good organ extravaganza. Just ask our Grindr friends. But we also enjoy holiday music. Tomorrow, we can get both as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra presents DSO On the Go: Big Brassy Christmas & Organ Extravaganza in Preston Hollow. The symphony’s brass and percussion ensembles will be joined by Bradley Hunter Welch on the organ for an evening of holiday […]

Raiders Of The Lost Orch

Music can make or break a movie. Just imagine all those great Steven Spielberg flicks from the 1970s and 80s without the John Williams scores. Would JAWS even be scary without the soundtrack? OK, yes, but you get the point. This weekend, experience one of the great Spielberg films in a way that truly celebrates the music as the Dallas Symphony […]

Cinematic Soundtracks At The Symphony

Any gay who’s lived in Dallas a while remembers when the symphony would perform at Lee Park on Easter Sunday. We always enjoyed that concert so much because it was filled with music from pop culture. We love when highbrow meets lowbrow, after all. Like when Barefoot Contessa makes hot dogs. Well, this weekend, we can recapture some of those […]

Dallas Weekend Guide: March 10 – 13

To paraphrase in song the most famous line of a red-headed orphan, “The sun will come out—at least by Sunday!” The rain this week has been crazy, but by mid-weekend it should be springtime again. So here are four things to do indoors until then and a patio event to celebrate the return of Mr. Sunshine. Good thing all the […]

Galactic Gala

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to wear a tuxedo and a space helmet at the same time, you finally have your opportunity. On Saturday, September 13, the annual Dallas Symphony Orchestra AT&T Gala After-Party kicks off with a Space Odyssey theme. Each year’s soirée is always out-of-this-world, but they’re taking things to a more literal level […]