Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dallas Symphony

You’re So Fancy

As the impeccably dressed men and women of Dallas, champagne in-hand, stroll through the Meyerson Symphony Center while orchestral melodies fill the space, it’s easy to feel like any minute a super villain will bust through the windows awaiting a confrontation with Batman or simply to snag a damsel in distress for a little tied-to-a-chair-in-a-lair action. The Dallas Symphony Gala […]

We Love Peters

Not all divas need gold grills to grab attention. Some must rely on pure talent. In fact, Bernadette Peters needs nothing but her powerful voice to command all eyes upon her as if she’s performing one of the Seven Wonders, but she’s so much more than simply a singer. She’s a legend. And this week, she’s performing along with the […]