Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dallas Theater Center

Board To Death

If you spent your childhood in the United States (or even at least a portion of it), chances are high that you and your friends played many a late-night game of Clue. The board game was always one of our all-time go-to pastimes, but when we first saw the 1985 movie version inspired by the game, it will always and […]

Scrooge You!

Tonight, you will be visited by three spirits. Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. At this point, we all know the plot of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol practically by heart, but each year, The Dallas Theater Center transforms the classic into something magical and unexpected. Tonight, you will be witness to their latest interpretation. For all intents […]

Working, Class

Ever have one of those days where you feel like phoning it in? Today’s one of those days for us. We’re on a beach and every letter we type harshes our mellow. Plus, it’s a holiday week for a lot of people anyway, so we know we’re not the only ones not wanting to work. But speaking of jobs (and […]

Grimm Job

Ready to get out of the house yet? Between the regularly scheduled pandemic and this week’s witch’s-tit-level winter storm, we’re feeling more locked down than ever. But this weekend Dallas Theater Center has a solution for those brave enough to weather the still-chilly elements. Or you can purchase tickets for a future date when things will definitely be warmer. With […]

Setting The Stage For A Better 2021

Among the long, long, loooooong list of things we miss right now, live theater ranks right up there with indoor dining and in-person physical exams with our really cute doctor. (We’ve been practicing turning our head and coughing for almost a year!) With the vaccine finally a reality, however, we know it won’t be long before full-scale productions return to […]

Buy A Ticket & Drink Your Juice, Shelby

Movies don’t get much gayer than Steel Magnolias. It’s one of those deliciously quotable, laugh-through-tears classics that we can watch from any point in the film if we come across it on TV. Of course, we haven’t seen it on the big screen since its initial release in 1989 and that, dear friends, could be one of the biggest tragedies […]

And We Are Telling You

Well, that’s the last time we ask Siri for help finding stock photos for a story. Her concept of “The Supremes” is definitely not what we were aiming for. (No offense, Chief Justice William Howard Taft.) The Supremes, after all, are one major inspiration for the musical Dreamgirls, which is being produced by Dallas Theater Center for a long summer […]

Win Tickets to Dallas Theater Center’s “Dreamgirls”

We are giving our loyal subscribers a chance to win tickets to Dallas Center’s “Dreamgirls.” Enter below for your chance to win by 11:59 p.m. on June 10. Winners selected at random. Please note, giveaway tickets are only for June 16 performance at 7:30 p.m. For more information, please visit our online edition here. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be A REAL Drama Queen

Not being able to act shouldn’t stop you from trying. Just ask Madonna. But you, too, could soon be emoting in public in far more productive ways than crying because it’s last call at The Round-Up. (Or does that just happen to us?) Starting February 8, hit the Wyly Theatre stage with other beginning actors as part of Dallas Theater […]

Theater In Bulk

If you happened to be at Costco on Black Friday, you know it’s the scene of immense drama. But starting this week, you can enter the world of army-size packages of toilet paper and endless samples of granola bars and flavored iced teas—with a twist. It’s not a Costco, but the Studio Theater inside the Wyly. For the world premiere […]