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Dallas Edition

How To Have A Merry Chrissy-mas

When something lives up to its hype, we do a little dance. Maybe even make a little love. Because we get a lot of press releases claiming results that rarely match reality. So when someone reached out to us with the promise of baking mixes that could rival made-from-scratch items, we approached them with our usual skepticism. (We really can’t […]

Wrap Up Something Else This Holiday Season

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. And believe it or not, the top thing on our wish list isn’t the latest Apple gadget or tickets to Cher’s next farewell tour. No, the gift we always want is free—hot sex with a hot guy! Of course, that means protected sex, but we’re always on the hunt for a condom that’s […]

Satisfy Your Holiday Hunger On The Cheap

We know, we know. You’re probably still full from the big meal last Thursday. But this Thursday you can get access to discount eats and drinks throughout Oak Lawn. Plus a visit from the one-and-only Liquor Mini during the Season’s EATings Kick-Off Party & Toy Drive at Hamburger Mary’s Dallas. For a $20 entry fee, you’ll get a festive drag […]

Travel Tuesday: THE Essential Gadget For Your Next Vacation

Avoid a travel disaster with one basic but life-saving accessory: an all-in-one rapid charger. We know this may be an obvious travel accessory choice if you vacation often like we do. But we’ve tried many, many, MANY portable battery chargers in recent years and we’ve finally found a multi-device charger that’s affordable and loaded with features and benefits. The charger […]

They’re Making Joyful Noises Over There Again!

For some people, it’s an elf on a shelf. Others, the smell of fresh gingerbread or a big boozy glass of eggnog. For us, however, it’s not really the holiday season until a bunch of men open their mouths wide for us. And those men, of course, would be the talented singers of Turtle Creek Chorale. Get tickets now to […]

Five, Four, Three, Two, Onesie!

Don’t you just love going to a party where you don’t have to think too hard about your outfit? Well, if that describes you, you’re in luck this weekend as S4 presents a Onesie Party Featuring DJ Frietz. Kicking off at 9:00 p.m. at S4 with a drag show starting at 11:00 p.m., it’s going to be an ideal segue […]

Happy Thanksgiving, You Sexy Turkeys!

Hope you’re enjoying a day off and a huge meal! Or maybe you’re at the gym pumping iron to look more like the “sexy male Thanksgiving turkeys” we had artificial intelligence create for us. Here are a few more imaginary men, each loaded with abs, biceps and wicked smiles. Who knows, we might have given you a whole new Thanksgiving […]

A Christmas Pour-y

The soft glow of electric sex in a can? Sign us up! The seasonal, Texas-brewed Yule Shoot Your Eye Out Red Ale returns for another holiday season. And it’s a must-have for your home bar—especially tomorrow because we’ve found the caramel malt and twist of orange in the beer pair amazingly well with turkey.  Especially if you can keep the […]

Travel Tuesday: Feelin’ Festive & Fancy At The Four Seasons Hotel Austin

We love when Turkey Day comes early. Because Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November each year, the earliest can ever be is November 22 and the latest, November 28. This year Thanksgiving falls on the 23rd, which gives us more than a month until Christmas and at least two weeks until the first night of Hanukkah to party […]

A Dating/Hookup App About Face

Black screens, closeups of torsos and pointless landscape photos—these are a few of our least favorite things when it comes to dating and hookup apps. Scruff allows users to have verified profile photos for added safety, while Grindr offers nothing to keep the fakes and chatbots at bay. But Archer, a new gay dating/hookup app created by gay men aims […]