Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dallas Edition

Sticky & Sweet

Our unnatural fear of clowns, carnies and carbs often keeps us from enjoying the finer things in life. Tilt-a-whirls. Fried pizza. Circus porn. But the one carnival classic we miss more than anything else is cotton candy. Thankfully, we can now get a gourmet version with FluffPop, a new company bringing sugary fabulousness to swank events all over town or […]

Spring Out, Sister

Butterflies are chirping, birds are coming out of their cocoons and sorority girls are in heat. Everywhere you turn, spring is upon us. It’s the perfect time of year for picnics, patios and partying outdoors. So what better time than now for the Tarrant County Gay Pride Week Association (TCGPWA) to present the return of its Spring Out: Art and […]

Real Men Wear Fur

Download the Scruff app, practice your best Chewbacca voice and get your (man)hunting license because Bear Season begins this Thursday. Nearly 2,000 bears from all over the world are coming out of hibernation and hitting the Dallas streets for Texas Bear Round Up. This year’s theme is Casino Bear Royale and there will be costume parties, group excursions to Club […]

Food For Days

It was only yesterday that we worked off the final calorie we consumed at last year’s Savor Dallas. And here we are again. Ready to go back another year. But it’s gonna be worth every carb, gram of fat and wine-induced increase in our blood-alcohol levels. Because this time around, Savor Dallas is four full days of foodie gluttony and […]

Secret Sushi

You know those people who enjoy walking into a restaurant, looking at the menu and then basically coming up with their own menu items? Yeah, that’s us. We’re those people. But sometimes, diners can come up with pretty darn good options. (Though we still don’t understand why Jack in the Box refuses to make our signature bacon cheeseburger with Super […]

The No Pants Dance

Normally, we try to give our subscribers several days notice before a big party. You know, so you have time to plan your outfit, which we know often involves a Bedazzler, glue guns and the occasional pyrotechnics device. But not this time. Because this is a party where less truly is more. Tomorrow night is the Skivvies Underwear Party at […]

A Life-Saving Prick

One cruise through gay dating sites or a quick look at gay porn — which we do only on occasion and only for research for our thesis (pay no attention to the fact that we’re not in grad school) — and it’s clear: Barebacking is having a renaissance. It’s as if people think HIV has been eradicated. But the simple truth is, […]

Mean At Work

When it comes to showbiz legends, some gays go crazy with a Z for Liza, get all verklempt for Barbra or turn back time to hang with Cher. Us, we’re Joan Rivers gays. No contest. Put us all in a lifeboat and we’d be seeing how quickly Liza, Babs and Cher sink to the bottom of the ocean. No offense […]

Pho, Nominal Price

Gay men cannot live on fine dining alone. And because we consider ourselves hole experts, whether of the in-the-wall or other varieties, we feel it’s our civic duty to bring your attention to lesser known eateries. Recently, a friend told us about a Vietnamese restaurant that’s one of her all-time favorites. It’s called Ba Le #1 and it’s hidden in […]

Brunch Of The Month: Patio Perfect

Sunday brunch in the winter often makes us sad. Because brunch is best enjoyed on a patio and when it’s cold and dreary, somehow our endless Mimosas and Bloody Marys don’t taste as good under a roof. So we’re thrilled that the weather’s getting nice and the sun is expected to shine all weekend. But that’s not the only reason […]