Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Dan Savage

Pink Traveler: Potty Humor

We’ve all probably thought of names for our drag alter egos, but what about our take-a-drag personas? You know, for those times we toke up to get down. Here are the […]

Come On, Dallas, Let’s HUMP!

If we could HUMP! every day, we would. That’s because Dan Savage’s amateur porn film festival makes us so happy (and sometimes horny). The festival rolls through Dallas every couple […]

There’s A Porn Star In Your House!

Don’t look now, but you’re in the same room as a porn star. What? You’re alone? Exactly. You could be the next big thing in porn. Or, if you’re like […]

Happy HUMP! Day

We never planned to have back-to-back Dan Savage coverage this week, but we just got word today about one of our favorite-ever pornographic film festivals returning to Dallas. Yep, PORNOGRAPHIC!!!!! Now before […]

Oak Cliff Gets Savage

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Or better yet, let’s look to a different salt-and-pepper favorite: Dan Savage. The wildly popular gay rights activist, syndicated columnist, It Gets Better founder, podcaster and all-around talented heartthrob […]

Savagely Funny

Jesus pancakes. Capri pants. Martha Plimpton. Those three things make us happy on so many different levels, but when all combined, it’s practically a religious experience. Get ready for The […]

To-Do Lisp

If there’s one documentary you watch this summer, girrrrl, this is the one. Do I Sound Gay? explores the phenomenon of “gay voices” and how people with more stereotypical affectations, […]


It gets better. That’s not just the name of Dan Savage’s wonderful project for LGBT youth, it’s also the reality over at Oak. There, Chef Brian Zenner continues to outdo […]

Savage Pride

Though we still have 10 days until the big parade, Pride in the city officially starts tonight. That’s because Uptown Players is putting on its annual Dallas Pride Performing Arts […]