Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dance Party

Purple Reign

One may be the loneliest number, but seven is the sexiest. Or is it luckiest? Or both? For one spectacular long weekend, May 9 to 13, Purple Party returns with seven parties all about high-energy music and higher-energy dancing—oh, and hot, hot men. Now in its 19th year, the marathon party raises money for AIDS Services of Dallas, and other […]

Camp It Up

We remember summer camp fondly. Mostly because we had a major crush on a counselor named Chad who was so old and wise (and hunky). Yeah, he was 18 and we were 14 with raging hormones. Well, now we have the opportunity to go to camp as adults. And quite possibly find a whole-new Chad that actually wants to be stared […]

Put Some Spring In Your Step

It’s hard to dance like no one’s watching when the nightclub’s packed. But we’ll try. This weekend, Purple Foundation presents the spring edition of Spin, the quarterly dance party that takes over Station 4 and The Rose Room. This year’s event features Miami’s DJ Alyson Calagna with an opening set from Dallas’ DJ Benson Wilder. Discounted express admission tickets are only […]

Diva Dance-Off

Whitney. Madonna. Cyndi. Janet. That Newton-John chick. Get ready for the biggest divas of the ’80s, the music that made them famous—and a dance floor ready and waiting. Tomorrow night, Alamo Drafhouse presents one of their wildly entertaining interactive events: Ladies of the ’80s Video Dance Party. Complete with props (including nearly 100 luftballoons and some naked men falling from the ceiling to the beats of one of […]

Swift Kicks

A night devoted entirely to Taylor Swift music videos? Sign us up. OK, maybe sign somebody else up because we’d rather stay at home watching Netflix with a box of wine, but that’s not as catchy an opening. This Friday night, Screen 7 at the Cedars location of Alamo Drafthouse could look more like a gay bar than usual for the […]

Have A Ball Tonight, It’s Summer!

In other parts of the country, people track the change of seasons by things like leaves turning colors. Or snowflakes falling. Or the first bloom of a delicate flower. Not in Dallas. We can track the seasonal transitions by simply keeping track of Purple Foundation’s quarterly SPIN party. Well, tonight, you can be sure that it’s summer because the warm-weather edition […]

Preach The Party Gospel

  You’re going to hell. Sunday is for Jesus. #PrayingForYouWhileWatchingFoxNews That’s just one recent Facebook comment from our mom after reading about our typical Sunday Funday shenanigans. Well now, we can proudly post that we’re spending our “Day of Rest” taking an active part in Ministry. What she won’t know is that Ministry’s actually a big new dance party at […]