Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


O Holy-Moly Nite!

Santa, half-naked dancers and drag queens—all in one room? Sign us up! You’ll find all this and more Thursday night at the Round-Up‘s Nite Before Christmas. This late-night celebration will feature storytelling, live singing and photo ops with Mr. Claus himself. Best of all, the event is totally free, but tips given and donations made during the evening benefit Round-Up […]

You’re A Star, Baby

Cue the sad ballad music. And for once, without any irony whatsoever. We’re truly in a devastating period for Broadway and the thousands of people who make the industry sing. With the lights dimmed in theaters throughout New York until at least June, the pandemic-related shutdown will forever change the Great White Way. Throughout 2020, however, Broadway movers and shakers […]

Don’t Take Out The Trash-BRING IT BACK!

Last Tuesday was the end of an era. A deliciously decadent, truly trashy, nearly naked era. If you happened to miss it, BJ’s NXS shuttered last Thursday, August 24, after one final Trashy Tuesday two days before. Well, as they promised, Trashy Tuesday is back—and sooner than we could have ever hoped or expected. Tonight (yes, tonight!) this trash gets recycled. That […]


Truth or Dare changed our lives. As budding young twinks, we caught the Madonna documentary and finally felt like we found a community. Our community. Our forever community. A lot of that came from our delusions that we’d be best friends with Madge if only we had the chance to hang out with her. But even more of that undeniable sense […]