Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dancing With The Stars

Beef & Cheese

We’ve never once sat through an entire episode of Dancing with the Stars. Of course, we’ve seen clips online from time to time and get recaps from our mom on a weekly basis. We can even honestly understand the appeal—it’s just that there are about a hundred scripted shows higher on our list. But a live version? That’s a whole different ballgame. […]

The 701 Club: Falling, Dancing & Parading

Assessing the news of our world is truly exhausting. But I have strength for the ministry. Read, then, the fruits of this week’s labors. Falling: Apparently, Sister Hillary Clinton got slain in the Spirit after visiting the 9/11 Memorial this past weekend. After the visit, and upon entering her vehicle, Sister Clinton did what we in the church refer to […]

Tamartian Invasion

We think we’re busy when we have two parties in one night, a manicure during the day and six TV shows in our Netflix queue. But we’re not going to complain any more about our stress levels now that we see what truly constitutes a full schedule. Because it seems Tamar Braxton may be one of the busiest ladies in […]