Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Daniel Padilla

The Art Of Spring

If you’re going to paint with all the colors of the wind, we think spring is definitely the time to do it. But if you’re looking for real art and not simply a painting, you should check out the Spring Art Show at Padilla Gallery this Saturday night. Featuring the incredible works of out artist Daniel Padilla and his brother […]

Painting With A (Naked) Twist

Are you the next Pablo Peencaso? Perhaps you fancy yourself more of a Vincent Van Gonad. Or Rimbrandt if you’re feeling extra kinky (and up-to-date on your shots). Unleash any of your inner artists at one of two male nude art classes this weekend at Padilla Gallery. Taught by amazing artist Daniel Padilla, these BYOB courses are way more fun […]

Palates, Palettes, Paintings & Pinot

We love Daniel Padilla’s art. The abstract paintings and mixed media works from this fantastic gay artist never cease to amaze and mesmerize. Plus, he puts the fine in fine artist. We’ve seen Padilla’s work on display at his gallery and during events throughout the year, but there’s one this Thursday that promises to be our favorite yet. Sambuca is […]

Dallas Weekend Guide: January 28 -31

Candles burning at both ends? Multi-tasking like a mo-fo? Juggling all sorts of commitments? We know you’re busy. Well, hope that doesn’t stress you out because here are five more things to add to your weekend calendar. Tonight Outrageous Oral, Volume 19: Baker v. Wade What: The latest installment of storytelling from people who helped shape GLBT Dallas and the […]

Putting The ART in Holiday Party

Give someone a gift certificate and they’ll remember it for—oh, about five seconds. Give someone a piece of artwork and they’ll think of you every single day. Hide a tiny camera in the frame and you’ll get a gift every day, too. (Especially if the recipient is hot and he hangs the art near his shower.) Whatever your art-giving motives […]